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I decided at the start of the 2008 to compile reports of my various trips so that I could put them on my website, an extension of what I'd done in the past on two Yahoo groups ERG for the rail gen and EuroRBB for the hotel & beer gen. It was also a return to the "good old days" of European Report, a railway magazine full of members contributions (reports and workings) as well as European loco diagrams. Hopefully might trip reports might inspire and encourage a few people to spread their wings and explore some new countries.

To make life easier to find the reports, I've decided to list them all on one page in date order together with a brief overview of each trip. Some are full reports, some are UK beer trips and some are overview notes (mainly when I've mislaid the notes or not had time to write them up). The reports are from my perspective and contain my own views and opinions, not those of any companies or businesses mentioned.

January 2015 - Thailand Our first visit to Thailand, a mix of travel, sightseeing and relaxation.

March 2014 - Taiwan A week long tour of the island by rail, stopping off for a few beers here and there.

January 2014 - China An organsied trip to China for a visit to the Great Wall, Terracota Army and Harbin Ice Festival, finishing with a few days in Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year.

December 2013 - Germany Coming soon!

October 2013 - Hungary A weekend trip to Hungary for the two Mercia tours but also including a beer orientated social!

September 2013 - Germany My birthday trip, including a visit to the annual open weekend at the Meiningen steam locomotive works.

July 2013 - Isle of Man Coming soon!

June 2013 - Belgium & Israel An odd combination but I headed straight to Israel after a weekend in Belgium stewarding on a Mercia Charters railtour!

May 2013 - Poland Coming soon!

May 2013 - Germany Coming soon!

April 2013 - Belgium & Netherlands A long weekend to Belgium and the Netherlands featuring tulips, a railtour and a beer festival.

January 2013 - India Warning - this is a large file! A two week holiday to India, this time featuring visits to Delhi, Agra and Mumbai as well as our regular destination of Goa.

December 2012 - Germany & Austria Our annual visit to the German Christmas markets but with a twist. This time we travelled out by Eurostar for a few days in Germany and Austria - then flew back - from Bratislava!

November 2012 - Austria A short weekend trip to the Salzburg area for a couple of railtours and a few beers.

October 2012 - UK, Herefordshire A minibus trip organised by Herefordshire CAMRA, visiting some of the more remote pubs in the Western half of the county.

October 2012 - UK, Sheffield The final installment of Andy Powis's stag party, an afternoon & evening in the beer mecca of Sheffield.

September 2012 - Belgium A weekend trip by car to Belgium for the Mercia Charters railtour as well as a few beers with the Andy Powis stag party.

September 2012 - Belgium A two night stay in Bruxelles for my birthday with a day spent travelling the "Kusttram" and visiting bars en route.

August 2012 - Hungary A weeks holiday in Hungary, lazing around Lake Balaton as well as hunting down a couple of Hungarian micro-breweries.

July 2012 - Poland A weeks holiday in Poland to celebrate our first wedding anniversary so mainly tourism and beers with a bit of rail thrown in for good measure.

May 2012 - Germany & Belgium. A Berlin beer break, returning over land for Mercia Charters first ever mainline steam tour.

April 2012 - Belgium. A long weekend break featuring a Mercia Charters tour and the Zythos beer festival in Leuven.

February 2012 - India. A fortnight in the winter sun, our second trip to Goa.

December 2011 - Germany and Belgium. Our annual trek to Germany for the Christmas markets, featuring two railtours and travelling back overland via Belgium.

November 2011 - Belgium. A short weekend trip to Belgium featuring two Mercia Charters railtours.

October 2011 - Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Belgium. A week long rail trip starting with a flight to Ljubljana before making my way back across Europe by rail and home on the Eurostar.

October 2011 - UK, Cider trip An educational visit arranged by Hereford CAMRA to Broome Farm, home of the Ross-on-Wye Cider Company, followed by a mini pub crawl.

September 2011 - Poland and Germany A brief visit to Warszawa followed by two nights in Rostock - compensation for a failed trip during our April holiday.

September 2011 - Ukraine and Hungary Our first visit to Ukraine followed by a few nights in Hungary to enjoy the second part of our honeymoon.

July 2011 - Czech Rep A week in the Czech Republic and the first part of our honeymoon!

April 2011 - Germany A week in Germany for a railtour followed by a few days in the former East for a visit to the HSB narrow gauge steam railway and a few brewpubs.

February 2011 - Austria. A short visit to Austria (mainly for me to visit the GKB railway network) although a relaxed journey to Stansted included a few UK pubs for a change!

February 2011 - UK, a visit to several breweries in and around Shropshire. Work in progress - will be uploaded soon!

January 2011 - Germany. June's first visit to Dresden and an enjoyable trip although not the Winter sun that we'd originally planned!

December 2010 - Germany. Our annual trip to Germany for the Christmas markets including a day in Erfurt, my first visit for many years.

November 2010 - Egypt. My first "proper" visit to this North African country (my previous visit was during a school educational cruise on the SS Uganda!!), mainly travelling around by train with friends but also including a trip to the pyramids.

October 2010 - Germany. Work in progress - will be uploaded soon!

October 2010 - UK, Clun Valley Beer Festival. Work in progress - will be uploaded soon!

September 2010 - UK, A day at Hereford Brewery. Work in progress - will be uploaded soon!

September 2010 - Austria. Work in progress - will be uploaded soon!

August 2010 - Croatia & Slovenia. A six day trip to Croatia, including a night in Ljubljana. This was mainly planned as a relaxing beach holiday, although we travelled from Pula to Split by rail and also had a trip to the island of Brac by ferry.

July 2010 - Belgium. A double trip to Belgium, the first for the Mercia Charters railtour and the second for a relaxing break without a railtour!

July 2010 - Czech Republic & Austria. A long weekend to the Czech Republic for the annual Pernstejn gala followed by a night in June's favourite city, Wien.

June 2010 - Tunisia. A weeks holiday on Tunisia's north coast for some sun, sightseeing and rail travel in the Tunis area.

May 2010 - UK, Lake District. A beer festival in Preston and overnight stay in Lancaster followed by a trip to Lake Windermere, a very enjoyable trip spoilt at the end by a rather unsavoury incident at my local, the Three Elms.

April 2010 - UK, Shrewsbury pub crawl. A day trip to Shrewsbury for a walking tour of Shrewsbury pubs, organised by two Hereford CAMRA members.

April 2010 - Germany. A return trip to Germany followed by Switzerland and France based around a couple of railtours, the first featuring Harz diesels and the second featuring a French CC6500 with a visit to the RhB in between.

April 2010 - Germany. A weekend trip to Germany and June's first holiday after her op so nothing too intensive although I did track down a few of the Easter Dampfspektekal specials.

February 2010 - Germany. A short trip to Germany to hunt down some of the hired electrics currently working passenger services in Germany in addition to visiting a few brewpubs.

January 2010 - Sri Lanka. Another new country for June and myself. Following on from our trip to India last year with Helen & Nigel, we again booked a package deal with them for two weeks in the sun but also including some travelling around the country.

December 2009 - Germany. Our annual Christmas market trip, featuring a mix of railways, beers and of course the excellent German Christmas markets.

October 2009 - Germany. A week long solo bash in Germany with a bit of Belgium & Poland thrown in.

September 2009 - Belgium & Netherlands. A Benelux birthday bash featuring special trains, boats, brewery visits, delays, cancellations and lots of good beer!

July 2009 - Czech Republic. My first trip to the Czech Republic for about five years (except for the short visit to the Brno area last year) and this time I was equipped with a Czech beer guide :o)

April 2009 - Morocco. My second trip to Africa and my first to Morocco.

February 2009 - UK, Pennine pub crawl. A trip across the Pennines with an overnight stop in Sheffield.

January 2009 - India. Hot on the heels of my Swiss trip was another holiday but this time a package holiday to India, somewhere that neither of us had been to before.

January 2009 - Switzerland. A short return visit to Switzerland to meet up with some friends.

December 2008 - Germany. Our "proper" trip to Germany for the Christmas markets combined with some rail travel and brewpubs.

November 2008 - Germany. A short weekend trip based around a railtour to Leipzig Christmas market that also saw us visiting several brewpubs as well as Christmas markets.

November 2008 - Switzerland. A solo trip to Switzerland, originally for research into my Swiss beer guide but ending up as a rail trip including a glorious day of snow and sun on the Rhaetische Bahn.

October 2008 - Albania. A new country for me, along with Chris Spinks & Denzil Morgan. A fascinating place that's bound to change in the future so go sooner rather than later.

October 2008 - Belgium. A weekend trip to Belgium for a Mercia Charters railour although June and I then headed into Luxembourg for a night in Vianden.

August 2008 - Austria. A week long trip to Austria with June including several brewpubs, a trip to Wien zoo and Desperate Railtours third railtour.

July 2008 - Czech Republic. A solo weekend trip to the Czech Republic, my first visit for a couple of years but worth it as it was the get together of four prototype "Bardotka" 751's - music to my ears!

June 2008 - Netherlands. A short trip to the Netherlands with June for Mercia Charters second railtour using ACTS locomotives.

May 2008 - Austria. A weekend trip to Austria with June for a visit to the Eipeltauer Brauerei for their Kraft Bier Festival.

April 2008 - Germany. A long weekend in Germany with June geared around Mercia Charters' first full railtour in Germany.

March 2008 - Bulgaria & Romania. A week long trip touring Bulgaria & Romania by train with Denzil Morgan, countries that he hadn't been to before and my first visit to Bulgaria for over ten years.

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