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23/05/2017 - Shocking news in Manchester but I wish the media wouldn't keep harping on about it - publicity and scare mongering is just what the buggers want.....

21/05/2017 - As June and I have been stuck in the UK for a couple of months we decided to chill with a few beers at the annual Barrow Hill beer festival on Saturday, located in the old railway roundhouse near Chesterfield. For the first time it was possible to get to the festival by rail as ROG (Rail Operations Group) ran a train from Derby which then shuttled to and fro Chesterfield before returning back to Derby in the evening.

29/03/2017 - Another month, another holiday! :-) This time it was a return to Sri Lanka after visiting in 2010. This time it was a rail based tour of the country. Well, not all of it but that gives me an excuse to go back!

13/02/2017 - June and I are back form our annual winter sun holiday, a fantastic fortnight in India with Rich & Sarah Lea. Starting with the impressive Golden Temple in Amritsar, we then travelled by train to Delhi via a visit to the scenic Kangra Valley followed by a flight to Goa for some R&R in the sun. I'll add the photo sorting and trip report to the list of things to do!

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