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If you enjoyed my website, you might like to take a look at the following:-

June's Crafty Bitz My wife's craft work page displaying some of the homemade jewellery, decorations, knitting and cross stitch that she's made.

Webpage of the D2578 Locomotive Group, owners of 03145 & D2578.

Mercia Charters Home page of the Mercia Charters website featuring news and reviews of all their railtours.

Antique clock Repairs If you have a good eye for precision, check out Kier's clock repair site with links to his model railway site.

Six Bells Junction Gary Thornton's railtour review site.

1980's Timewarp A historical look at traditional locomotive hauled passenger trains in the UK (currently unavailable).

Preserved-Diesels One of the best websites for gen on preserved BR diesels. End of the Line A comprehensive guide to UK locomotive status. The European Railway Server A guide to European railways and rolling stock.

Ferenc's World A Hungarian friend of mine, and quite a character! (Currently unavailable)

RAILCAP - HUNTER A Belgian railway guard (conductor) with an incredible collection of railway hats and uniforms.

Stránky Prátel Železnic An excellent website on Czech railways (some in English).

CAMRA Home page of the Campaign For Real Ale.

Herefordshire CAMRA My local CAMRA branch. Steve Thomas's website set up to accompany his suberb book.

Scoopergen Gazza Prescott's beer site - a right character into his UK and European beers who's now crazy enough to brew his own!

European Beer Guide Ron Pattinson's website for European brewery and pub guides.

Other links will appear here shortly!

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