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Group information

We are located on the Moreton Business Park, approximately five miles north of Hereford and a mile north of Moreton on Lugg on the A49. This is quite unusual for a preservation group as it is a private business park so I must stress that there is NO PUBLIC ACCESS to the D2578LG. We are not normally present on site and the gatehouse security will turn away any casual visitors. This is for security of the site and also for your safety as a working Tarmac quarry has to be traversed to access our shed. The site was the former RAOC Moreton on Lugg, an MOD stores location which received regular rail traffic as well as being the base from 1982 to 1993 for military training using a static passenger train. In total, fourteen different diesel locomotives are known to have been resident on the site and details can be found by clicking on the link below which will open an excel file.

RAOC Moreton on Lugg diesels.

We appreciate that the private nature of the site makes it difficult for anyone wishing to see our rolling stock. To help matters we we hold occcasional running days (normally once a year) where we are open to the public. Access is by booking only to satisfy site insurance and bookings are knidly handled by the Branch Line Society and advertised by PLEG.

Some of the old MOD track on the site has been renewed and some has been lifted since being taken over by Greatwest Investments Limited. This has partly been due to the reconstruction of the Southern part of the site by Greatwest into an industrial park and the conversion of the Northern part by Tarmac into a quarry for gravel extraction as well as the construction of a rail served stone loading pad. The map below shows the track layout from the 1980's (dashed lines) together with the current remaining track (solid lines).

Two of our members have now added photo collections of the D2578 Locomotive Group to their Flickr sites. They can be found by clicking the links below:-

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