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Welcome to the homepage of the D2578 Locomotive Group! This website contains the details of the D2578LG locomotives and wagons. The latest news can be found on our facebook page but a library document will be added here soon.

The D2578 Locomotive Group was formed in 2001 when a small group of friends who'd been involved with the former Bulmers Steam Centre in Hereford were offered the chance to purchase the disused diesel shunter #2 "Cider Queen" from Bulmers (who wished to clear the area where the loco stood). After raising the necessary funds we formally purchased "Cider Queen" in May 2001 with the intention of fully restoring it back to its former identity as D2578. After some preparation work, the loco was successfully started in June 2001 and further good news was on the way as we were able to reach an agreement with Greatwest Investments Limited that would see us move D2578 to their new Moreton Business Park near Hereford.

I must stress at this point that we are tenants on a railway which is located on two private industrial sites - Moreton Business Park and a working Tarmac quarry. As such there is no regular access to the D2578 Locomotive Group and we cannot accept casual visitors for safety and security reasons so please do not turn up at the gatehouse expecting to gain access. Instead, you can contact us via our facebook page if you wish to find out more about group activities. You can also e-mail me but the response may take a few days.

Not wanting to cause problems for ourselves or the site owners if D2578 failed, we decided to look around for a second loco, so Monday 6th August 2001 saw 03145 arrive at Moreton Park for its new life in addition to D2578. Being a small group, restoration of both locomotives has been slow as we are only able to get out to Moreton on an irregular basis but since August 2001 we have restored both locomotives to working order in the final version of BR livery that they carried, as well as purchasing 4 wagons and carrying out track/building work for our new home.

Our group has been active in promoting the Moreton Business Park rail system as well as assisting with general site activities so it was a memorable occasion on 16th June 2004 when 66121 departed with the first revenue earning train of stone chippings being operated by EWS (now DB Cargo UK) on behalf of Tarmac Western Limited. Since then, regular stone trains have been operated by EWS/DB and some have also been operated on an occasional basis by Freightliner. We'd love to see some traffic in the main part of the site too, serving the warehousing and industrial units - offers anyone??

In the last few years, courtesy of the Branch Line Society, we have been able to host occasional visits to see our locomotives in action and provide rides around the site for visitors. 03145 was the power for the first visit in 2004 and held the fort while D2578 was undergoing restoration but since 2007 when we hosted a joint PLEG / BLS visit, both locomotives have been in service. As of November 2011 we've also been home to D2302 which is maintained under the stewardship of the D2578 Locomotive Group on behalf of one of our members. It made a successful passenger debut in 2015 although restoration is still ongoing. Hopefully, similar visits can be arranged in the future so watch this space! October 2017 also saw the first ever visit of a mainline passenger charter to Moreton Park - and possibly the first visit of a passenger train to the site since D2578 (as Bulmers #2 Cider Queen) operated a 6000LA brake van special from Hereford in 1971!!

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