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30/12/2014 - A belated Merry Christmas and apologies for the lack of news in the last few months. There's been plenty going on but I've been been suffering from computer and software issues so I got completely snowed under (pardon the pun!). Best Wishes for the New Year, when hopefully normal service will be resumed.

24/08/2014 - Happy first birthday to Beer in Hand! Congratulations to Mitchell and Alison on a successful year and here's to many more running Hereford's best ale and cider house!

09/07/2014 - What with work, holidays, the D2578LG and working on the garden something had to give and unfortunately it's been "Beer on the Wye". I've not been involved this year and haven't even got any time off to volunteer at the festival this weekend (except for possibly visiting on Sunday afternoon) but I hope everything goes well.
I've also been busy setting up the D2578LG with their own domain and website which can be found at www.d2578locogroup.co.uk.
The index photo was taken on our recent trip to Rotterdam, part of a replacement holiday when SNCF decided to go on strike which scuppered our plans to travel around France for a few days! Kaapse Brouwers are a new microbrewery who've just found premises for a taphouse in The Fenix Food Factory, an old quayside warehouse that's being revitalised by the local council. As well as offering about half a dozen of their own beers, they have other craft beer on offer with 20 taps in total which other stalls serve quality meats, cheeses and bread etc.

28/04/2014 - After spending a few hours helping Paul work on D2302 yesterday and getting wet cycling to the pub last night, I've been tinkering with the website again and I've hopefully got all the pages working okay. Links from the old dot com website should redirect to the new website but if you find any that aren't working then please let me know. Hopefully I'll get my Taiwan report finished and uploaded now!
The index photo for April was taken in the Le Ble dOr Taphouse in the Q Square Mall, Taipei.

26/04/2014 - Most of my day off has been spent helping June photograph some of the jewellery for her Crafty Bitz website as well as working on my website. Having had a few problems in the last few years with my dot com domain, I've decided to set up a co.uk version of the website, giving it a bit of an update at the same time. Sods law, the dot com version is also moving servers at the moment but I'll hopefully get everything sorted soon including a link to redirect to the new website.

23/04/2014 - My website is in the process of moving server (and possibly host) so please bear with me if there's a lack of updates for a while. The site may go down or some old pages might get temporarily uploaded during the changeover so please be patient!

21/04/2014 - Well, good news from the D2578 Locomtive Group. A small band of volunteers have been busy helping Paul work on D2302 and the hard work has paid off with a successful start. Some work is still outstanding but all being well the loco will enter service some time this Summer.

06/04/2014 - Hard on the heels of the Chinese adventure, I've recently returned from a trip to Taiwan. The photo's have been uploaded to Flickr and the report should also be finished soon. The week long trip concentrated on travelling around the island by rail with a few beers stops and abit of tourism.

08/02/2014 - Wow, what an incredible holiday! June and I have just returned from 10 days in China and Hong Kong with Tim and Viv. In a break from the norm for us it was an organised holiday complete with a guide so the only thing I had to worry about was finding some decent beer! We were part of a group of 18 so thanks to everyone for making it such a fabulous time during which we saw some incredible sights including the Forbidden city in Beijing, the Great Wall of China, Harbin International Ice Festival, the Terracotta Warriors and finally seeing in the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Now all we've got to do is sort through all the photographs and boy there's a lot of them! Once we've whittled them down from approx 2500 (!!) I'll upload some to Flickr and hopefully a trip report will follow.

The cover photo for February is a picture of the Ice and Snow World in Harbin, a spectacular full size city constructed from huge ice blocks cut from the local river. The whole place comes to life at night courtesy of the lights but the one thing the picture doesn't show is the temperature - minus 28 degrees C!

21/01/2014 - Not surprisingly I haven't had much time for updating the website over the Christmas period! With another holiday coming up things will remain dormant until February but I'll then have plenty of news to report!

The cover photo for December was a shot of DB Gleisbau 218.391 at Immenstadt taken on Friday 13th December. It had been hired in by ALEX to work their portions to/from Oberstdorf and made for a very nice way to reach the Dampfbierbrauerei at Oberstdorf!

January's picture is a shot of the Old Fighting Cocks at Oakengates taken last Saturday during a meet up with the Stroud RE Group's Shropshire pub crawl. What a great bunch of lads and what an enjoyable afternoon!

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